Professional Spotlight: NAI Miami

NAI Miami

9655 S. Dixie Highway, Suite 300

Miami, FL 33156


About NAI Miami:

NAI Miami satisfies an age old problem, providing knowledge, expertise and guidance to its clients. The company is staffed by a cycle tested group of real estate professionals whose experience focuses on the analysis, review and execution of complex real estate transactions.

NAI Miami is a full service real estate firm that prides itself on understanding the needs of owners, developers and users. The firm is committed to providing the highest level of service delivery in each aspect of commercial real estate.

NAI Miami possesses the multiple disciplines and time-tested experience required of a full service real estate firm with expertise in sales and acquisitions, leasing, management, financing, planning, zoning, litigation support and forensic real estate analysis.

Managing Broker: Jeremy Larkin

Number of agents/brokers: 22

Number of offices: 2

Specialties: Investment Sales, Distressed Assets & Wealth Management

How long have you been part of NAI Global?

We became affiliated with NAI Global more than 13 years ago.

If you are the owner, why did you choose to be part of the NAI Global network?

Our clients needed global access and we wanted to expand our reach to broaden our client base.

How has being part of the NAI Global network impacted your business?

It has had a two dimensional impact. First, it has allowed us to expand our service base to our existing clients and permitted our firm to attract new clients to serve because of our global reach.  Second, it has generated new business walking in the door as the firms have informed us they had worked with other NAI Global firms in other cities/states/countries and wanted to work with the NAI Global firm in our local market.

What is the biggest commercial real estate trend currently impacting your local market?

In a number of sectors, the markets are peaking and will need to realign itself to slower growth expectations.

How is your brokerage setting itself apart from its competitors? And, how is being part of the NAI Network helping you to set yourself apart?

Our firm is known for its thorough approach and follow through focused exclusively on satisfying our client’s needs, goals and objectives regardless of whether or not it results in a revenue related transaction.  Our firm provides solutions to our clients.

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The “Members” of NAI Global are our local firms who have chosen, and been chosen in kind, to be a part of the global entity that comprises our robust and client-oriented organization. Each Member is independently owned while tied inherently and financially to the NAI Global brand, values, technology, and tools. Together, we are the world’s largest, most powerful managed network of commercial real estate companies with 6,700 professionals in 375 offices worldwide. We adhere to a common set of best practices, code of ethics, and standards that assure our clients consistency in service delivery.

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