Professional Spotlight: NAI EVO Real Estate Group

NAI EVO Real Estate Group

1430 Broadway

New York, NY 10018


About NAI EVO Real Estate Group

NAI EVO Real Estate Group is a privately held, full-service commercial real estate firm with roots dating back to 1969 that serves the diverse real estate needs of a prestigious list of tenants, owners, corporations and growing businesses.  EVO is the New York City member of NAI Global, the single largest, most powerful global network of owner-operated commercial real estate brokerage firms.  

Managing Broker: Dana Moskowitz

Number of agents/brokers: 22

Number of offices: 1

Specialties: Full-service commercial real estate brokerage

How long have you been part of NAI Global?

We became affiliated with NAI Global approximately 2 years ago.

If you are the owner, why did you choose to be part of the NAI Global network?

We joined NAI Global because we were looking for a global platform that would expand our reach and provide services to our clients in other areas.  

How has being part of the NAI Global network impacted your business?

The perception of our company changed once we joined NAI Global. Our competitors took note and saw that we were expanding our presence nationally and internationally and aligning ourselves a significant brand.

What is the biggest commercial real estate trend currently impacting your local market?

In Manhattan, there is still a very low vacancy rate and demand remains high. There is a lot of competition for quality buildings and spaces, particularly in the Midtown South submarket. Therefore, we are seeing tenants being open to locations they may not have been in the past so that they can find an attractive deal.

How is your brokerage setting itself apart from its competitors? And, how is being part of the NAI Network helping you to set yourself apart?

We have implemented many new technologies to help our brokers grow their business and help our employees perform their jobs more efficiently.  These technologies, such as a paperless invoicing system, a commission reporting program, and a demographic mapping software allows EVO to provide better services to our clients.  

For more information on EVO Real Estate Group, visit their website.

The “Members” of NAI Global are local firms who have chosen, and been chosen in kind, to be a part of the global entity that comprises our robust and client-oriented organization. Each Member is independently owned while tied inherently and financially to the NAI Global brand, values, technology, and tools. Together, we are the world’s largest, most powerful managed network of commercial real estate companies with more than 6,700 professionals in 375+ offices worldwide. We adhere to a common set of best practices, code of ethics, and standards that assure our clients consistency in service delivery.

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