Professional Spotlight: NAI Apollo Real Estate GmbH & Co. KG

NAI Apollo Real Estate GmbH & Co. KG

Schillerstrasse 20

Frankfurt am Main, Germany


About NAI Apollo: 

NAI Apollo is the leading network of independent real estate consulting companies in Germany. For more than 25 years, our active partners advise national and international companies with sustainable success. Our range of services covers the areas of sales, rental, construction, evaluation, research, investment management and property and asset management.

With offices in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Dusseldorf, Essen, Stuttgart, Mülheim an der Ruhr and Ulm we are present throughout Germany. As a Member of NAI Global, we offer our customers worldwide access to more than 6,700 real estate professionals, in 375+ partner offices.

Managing Broker: Andreas Krone

Number of agents/brokers: 169

Number of offices: 9

Specialties: Sales, rental, construction, valuation, research, investment management and property and asset management.

How long have you been part of NAI Global?

We became affiliated with NAI Global in 2001.

If you are the owner, why did you choose to be part of the NAI Global network?

Being part of this network, gives us the advantage to supervise our clients globally and to know that we have a competent partner in the real estate sector almost all over the world whom we can recommend to our clients.

How has being part of the NAI Global network impacted your business?

Our affiliation with NAI Global has allowed us to be competitive with other global players and increases our ability to generate more business while helping our clients with their real estate needs across the globe.

What is the biggest commercial real estate trend currently impacting your local market?

We are seeing a high demand for investment properties. Additionally, the increasing digitalization of the real estate industry continues to have an impact on our daily and future business.

How is your brokerage setting itself apart from its competitors? And, how is being part of the NAI Network helping you to set yourself apart?

Being an independent brokerage has allowed us to streamline the decision-making process, thus allowing us to better service our clients. Our partnership with the NAI Network allows us to always select the best partner on the ground according to the client’s requirements, and we’re not forced to work through strict group guidelines.  

For more information on NAI Apollo, visit their website.

The “Members” of NAI Global are our local firms who have chosen, and been chosen in kind, to be a part of the global entity that comprises our robust and client-oriented organization. Each Member is independently owned while tied inherently and financially to the NAI Global brand, values, technology, and tools. Together, we are the world’s largest, most powerful managed network of commercial real estate companies with more than 6,700 professionals in 375+ offices worldwide. We adhere to a common set of best practices, code of ethics, and standards that assure our clients consistency in service delivery.

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