Professional Spotlight: Montagu Evans

Montagu Evans

5 Bolton Street

London W1J 8BA

United Kingdom


About Montagu Evans

We are a highly reputable and dynamic partnership of chartered surveyors and property consultants involved in some of the largest and exciting real estate projects today. Whilst we remain committed to the cornerstones of our business: Professional Services, Business Rating and Planning, we continue to push new boundaries with our ever-expanding Agency, Investment and Development Consultancy teams. We are committed and always direct, our people are results driven as well as approachable too, which explains why some of our clients have stayed so loyal to us for many decades.

Managing Broker: Richard Webster

Number of agents/brokers: 250

Number of offices: 5

Specialties: Tenant representation

How long have you been part of NAI Global?

We became affiliated with NAI Global over a year ago.

If you are the broker, why did you choose to be part of the NAI Global network?

Being part of NAI Global Network will help us to achieve and continually expand our Firm’s overseas connections; which leads to increased business opportunities across all property sectors.

How has being part of the NAI Global network impacted your business?

We are in the process of seeing results, however we see the opportunities and merit in helping fellow brokers.

What is the biggest commercial real estate trend currently impacting your local market?

The result following the recent referendum has monopolized markets, which has produced a degree of uncertainties in UK and Europe across the economies. It is too early to see the effect of Brexit, but occupiers remain cautious but the recent fall in Sterling has made the UK even more attractive for overseas investors.

How is your brokerage setting itself apart from its competitors? And, how is being part of the NAI Network helping you to set yourself apart?

Our long trading UK Partnership has enabled us to capitalize upon our reputation, offering Partner direction with a hand on style involvement throughout all stages of a project. Our blended specialist and diverse teams, support a personal approach and a flexible service which enables us to deliver bespoke solutions to every job.   

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