Will Smart Sensor Tech Become a Leading Amenity in CRE?


Smart technology and the Internet of Things continue to make waves in the commercial real estate industry. For the multifamily specifically, smart sensor tech will change the way residents live and will enhance their way of life by offering new benefits. For other sectors such as retail, the sensor technology can help determine traffic flow. These are just a few of the reasons smart sensor tech is set to become a leading amenity in CRE.

Smart Sensor Tech Tracks Vital Info

With smart tech sensor technology, property managers of multifamily properties can adjust conditions in real time across multiple different units based on the information the sensors provide to create instant reports. Certain sensors, such as Elightened’s smart sensors, can tell the difference between objects and people, report energy usage, monitor and adjust light levels automatically, among many other things.

For the retail sector, companies can easily track their properties’ system status, the foot traffic going in and out of their store to make wiser business decisions. Retailers can analyze info from store locations hundreds of miles apart.

Smart Sensor Tech Helps Companies Go Green

The ability of the smart sensor technology to monitor and adjust lighting automatically as well as the AC/heating system, will boost energy savings and help properties go green by using less electricity. On average, buildings consume about 30% of the world’s energy. By improving the energy management in the buildings with smart technology, it will go a long way in conserving energy and saving businesses money across the planet. With smart technology, HVACs can be upgraded to detect changes in the time, temperature and environment and adjust accordingly. As “going green” becomes a top priority for many companies, this will be a hot selling point for sensor technology in buildings across the globe.

Building managers can also take advantage of sensor technology to manage the lighting in the building. Large properties have many rooms that remain empty, even during the day and an automated system can detect the vacant areas of a building and turn off the lights in these rooms. Sensors can also make the same adjustments for temperature so that property managers are not wasting energy by cooling and heating empty parts of the buildings.

Sensors can also help systems be programmed to account for personal lighting and temperature preferences, which should help market spaces in office buildings since tenants can program lighting and temperature to their specific needs.

Why Sensor Technology Will Be a Leading Amenity in CRE

As companies begin to utilize new technologies, sensor technology will be one of the most popular and in demand amenities simply due to the fact that it saves companies money, offers them green incentives, and helps them tailor to tenants specific wants and needs, while also providing them with information to help them make better business decisions.

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