Want to Join the CRE Conversation on Twitter? 5 Ways to Jump In


Most agents are on the plus side of 40. Twitter was a childish fascination to most adults 10 years ago but now it is an integral part of every top real estate agent’s marketing strategy. Social media in general provides an avenue for you to build your brand, network with other professionals, set yourself apart as a CRE expert, and can help generate leads.

There are dozens of reasons to join the CRE conversation on Twitter. If this is your first attempt at using the platform to promote yourself or your business, here are 5 ways to jump in.

Best Social Media Practices for Real Estate Agents

Getting started on Twitter and making an impact is not as intuitive as other platforms like Facebook. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that there is a big CRE community on Twitter and lots of opportunities to build your reputation.

Before getting started, there are some best practices to using Twitter for business purposes. A good piece of advice to help you figure out how you want to build your page comes from the Real Estate Platform. They suggest building your Twitter page by putting yourself in your target audience’s shoes – who are you targeting and what do you think they want to hear from you.

A second rule of thumb is to be active and engaging frequently on Twitter. It’s a good idea to post an interesting tweet or to share a post at least a few times a week. Timing when to post is also important. You may have to experiment with best times to post for your specific Twitter following. And you want to make sure to reciprocate by sharing and commenting on your followers’ tweets and shares.

5 Ways to Join the Twitter Conversation

The 5 steps below will help you get started so that you can jump in the CRE conversation on Twitter now. To keep up with this strategy, you can use online programs that will save you time and help you stay consistent on social media. The Buffer tool allows you to schedule your posts and tweets at the right time.

You can refine your strategy using tools like Social Oomph to see how your keyword usage is working and to send auto responses to new followers. Here are 5 ways to get started:

#1: Start with Boosting Your Brand on Twitter

Developing ideas for your social media brand will help you decide how to setup your Twitter page. Look around by searching similar commercial real estate Twitter accounts to help decide how you want to distinguish your brand from the rest.

#2: Improve Your Image with Smart Use of Pictures and Graphics

Before your account goes live, think seriously about the images that you are going to use for your profile and cover photo. These are the first impressions a potential follower will have of your expertise and professionalism. It may be worth paying for original graphics with your logo to really stand out.

#3: Find Relevant Accounts to Add to Your Following

People will have to find you in order to decide to follow you on Twitter. Start building your following by looking for accounts to follow. Just go to the search box on your Twitter page and search commercial real estate.

#4: Be a Conversation Starter

Once you have your page setup and you’ve had a chance to browse around Twitter, it’s time for you to spark conversations. That starts with asking good questions that will get a response. You may have to try several times before people start responding but keep at it and keep thinking of great conversation starters about CRE to tweet.

#5: Use Trending Hashtags to Amplify Tweets

Trending hashtags attached to a tweet will generate double the amount of engagement. Make sure that you are using hashtags with discretion. Use one that is relevant and is trending to amplify your tweets in Twitter feeds.