Updating Your Office Building: 7 Things Today’s Tenants Consider Must-Haves


We are all more than aware that office buildings are extremely prevalent in any modern cityscape. While larger office buildings are structures that normally stand the test of time, think Empire State Building —that doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be spruced up as we continue to evolve. While that may not mean a massive tear-down and rebuild, there are ways to update your office building to include amenities that your tenants will consider a must-have.

Let’s take a look at 7 amenities (in no particular order) that can take your office from outdated to top-rated.

1. Fast WiFi

This is a given. People are now constantly connected with cell phones, tablets, smartwatches and more. It is imperative that your building supports and has fast and reliable WiFi. Extra points if your lobby offers a free guest WiFi. It will show tenants and visitors that you have anticipated their technological needs and are staying current with advancements.

2. Green Spaces

It is becoming increasingly important to incorporate nature into your office building. A rooftop deck or garden, a courtyard with open air and windows that allow natural light to pour in; are all ways to make sure tenants are able to get some fresh air. Studies have shown that employees who have access to green spaces are happier and more productive.

3. Convenient Parking

No tenant wants an outdated garage. Ample parking with options for visitor spaces and electric vehicle charging are hot commodities. If your building does not have assigned spaces per unit, a smart garage is a great selling point. These garages have a display at the entrance and on each floor showing remaining spaces for each area. This makes parking easier and quicker for tenants.

4. Modern Fitness Centers

Fitness is in right now. People are taking their health seriously and well-equipped fitness centers or gyms with tenant memberships are important to busy tenants. Gyms with trainers, lockers, showers, and group classes are especially popular. Getting a branded gym to take residence in your building is also a way to gain business.

5. Great Security

People value their safety. Having overnight security, and emergency and medical equipment gives tenants peace of mind. It also makes them feel more comfortable working late hours which increases businesses’ productivity.

6. Better Dining

No one likes to be hungry. More and more, people are looking for better dining options. So, ditch the classic cafeteria food and opt for better dining with fresh ingredients and customizable options for your office’s lunch.

7. Good Elevators

Though this may seem like an odd addition to the list, good elevators are important to tenants. Many employees of large office buildings actively express frustration about waiting for antiquated elevators. Elevators have become more technologically advanced in recent years; so, if your elevator is from 1975 it may be time to upgrade.

Of course, all office buildings may not have all of these amenities, but consciously attempting to update and evolve your property for your tenant’s well-being shows that you care about their wants and needs. So make this year the year you add or update one of your building’s amenities for your tenant’s comfort.