Pop-Up Retail Takes Aim at 2018 Holiday Season


It’s no secret that retail is one of the most competitive industries today. In such a competitive environment, retailers are actively seeking out ways to set themselves apart and differentiate their brand. One of the most popular ways of doing this is pop-up retail. In 2017, pop-up shops were all the rage, allowing consumers an insider’s view of their favorite products, and the change to build deeper relationships with their favorite brands through unique experiences.

Whether a new fragrance line or emerging art installations, pop-up retail saw tremendous success in 2017 and shows no signs of slowing down in 2018 and beyond. In a space that’s filled with noise from competition, pop-up shops are a tremendous way to help retailers cut through some of that noise and drive consideration for their brand, particularly around a particular event or season, such as the holiday shopping season.

Here are some key considerations for retailers interested in showcasing their brands using pop-up retail for the holidays in 2018:

1. Have specific goals in mind

No matter the industry, pop-up retail can help nearly any brand reach a variety of goals, whether  it’s previewing a new product line or testing new markets for expansion. While retailers can borrow inspiration from other pop-up shops, it’s important for brands to stay true to their identity when developing their own pop-up retail, maintaining strategies to help facilitate their specific goals.

For instance, e-commerce brands should consider making their products the star of their pop-up show, since consumers so rarely get to interact with their products in reality -- at least, prior to purchasing. Consider the lifestyle brand FabFitFun, who cultivated a pop-up shop to allow consumers to interact with their brand. Shoppers were able to curate their own boxes using the brand’s products, giving them a chance to interact with the company in a way like never before.

2. Know your target audience

No matter the type of pop-up shop you plan to implement, it should always be done with your core customer in mind. After all, the goal of all pop-up retail should be to foster and build long term relationships with your customer base.

Perhaps you could draw in your customers with a sneak preview of a new upcoming line of products. Also think of any existing or new partnerships you could leverage, to cut costs and expand your audience base. Thinking outside the box allows you to offer your customers an experience they simply won’t be able to find anywhere else.

3. Incorporate the latest technologies

A great way to elevate your presence and generate buzz for your pop-up shop is to incorporate the latest technology into your displays and promotion. Emerging technologies in the retail space, such as smart mirrors, augmented reality, and instant check out can not only revitalize your brand, it can also lend an individual and personalized nature to each transaction. Pop-up retail allows your brand to utilize the latest in digital technology, showcasing the vision for the future using smart technology that may not be ready to be rolled out company-wide.

When it comes to building an innovative pop-up shop that drives excitement and sales among consumers, no idea is too big or too bold. Knowing your audience, having specific goals in mind, and incorporating the latest technology can help ensure a personalized sales event that visitors won’t soon forget.