NAI Global's 2017 Blog Roundup: What You May Have Missed


If you followed our blog in 2017, you will have been ahead of the times on some of the biggest changes going on in CRE. These changes are ongoing into 2018 and beyond. So we thought it would be important to go over some of those game changing blogs we’ve written over the year in case you have missed something.

#1: Best Productivity Apps for CRE Agents

As a rule, CRE agents are extraordinarily busy at all times. Any tool that helps streamline schedules, automate lead generation and retention, and speed up the paperwork is a huge advantage. In this post, we listed the top 4 productivity apps for real estate agents, including apps that help you easily create 3D imaging for your clients.

#2: Ways Millennials are Affecting CRE Design and Use

As of 2016, millennials officially surpassed all other age groups as the largest pool of buyers and workers. They differ a lot from the Baby Boom generation and GenX which is having a huge effect on how developers are building to attract them. This post highlights how you can thank millennials for 3 particular CRE trends.

#3: CRE Developers are Reducing or Eliminating On-Site Parking

Speaking of the trends created by millennials, the move to reduce or eliminate on-site parking is also due to millennials. This generation prefers more walkable cities, businesses and apartments that are more environmentally friendly, and convenient and reliable public transportation. Because of that, we show in this post how and why developers are ditching parking to make room for Uber.

#4: Ways CRE would Benefit from a Federal Infrastructure Plan

While President Trump’s promise of a massive infrastructure bill to revitalize America’s roads and bridges is yet unrealized, the need remains nonetheless. We talk in this post about the 3 ways that infrastructure construction will impact industrial real estate.

#5: How TOD (Transit-Oriented Development) is Revitalizing Urban Blight

The trend toward Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) fits right in with many of the other cultural and lifestyle changes being brought about by millennials. One area is in the return to urban city centers which is attracting new investments that are completely revitalizing blighted cities. Here, we take a look at 3 reasons why CRE loves transit-oriented developments.

#6: Generation Z Differs from X and Y in Important Ways for CRE

Generation Y did not consider the mall a place to hang. This generation along with Amazon took retail from the physical world into cyberspace. CRE in turn is belatedly trying to adapt to this trend at the same time that the next generation is coming of age. We wrote in this post about how CRE pros need to know that times are changing and generation Z prefers in-store shopping as opposed to online shopping like GenX and Y.

#7: Large Grocery Stores as Anchor Stores Signals New Era for CRE

It used to be that name brand retailers were the anchors for large shopping centers and city malls. However, as so many of those anchors closed, one fascinating insight was revealed: centers with a grocery store are actually still thriving. Now CRE pros are looking to grocery stores to serve as anchors in an effort to save America’s shopping centers.

#8: Technology is the Key to Bringing Shoppers Back to Brick-and-Mortar

The one thing that brick-and-mortar can do that online retailers cannot is provide a unique in-person shopping experience that lures customers back to shopping centers. CRE has discovered how technology is keeping bodies in brick-and-mortar.

#9: Amazon’s Revolutionary Effect on the Grocery Industry and CRE

Not only does Amazon’s foray into the grocery industry affect traditional grocers, it also changes a lot about brick-and-mortar. In this article we talk about how Amazon’s big moves are causing big changes across CRE.