Meet the New Apto

We’ve released a slew of new features dedicated to optimizing the broker workflow, and we’re now able to introduce our complete new product. Whether calling a previous client, finding likely buyers on a map, or working through each task related to a deal, brokers can be much more efficient as they find, win, and execute business.

What’s new and different about Apto?

While we’ve been releasing new components of the product over the past year, we’ve put the final touches and holistic performance improvements in place recently. Now you can complete every task and process involved in a commercial real estate deal—from prospect to pitch to close—much more efficiently.

Prospect & Nurture

The first workflow we tackled was the process of finding, building, and maintaining relationships over time. It was prospecting, but it was also keeping in touch with past clients and other contacts over time so that no one slipped between the cracks.

We know that CRE is a relationship-based business, and that the actual process of building relationships can’t be replaced by technology. But we could make it easier to organize your contacts into groups, automate reminders to connect, and show you your highest probability prospects.

And so, Prospect & Nurture lets you create organized lists that promote efficiency in prospect and client outreach (and it even gets you started with a few lists built into the tool). These lists are based on proven criteria and provide account insights and personal context all in one place—so you have everything you need to build meaningful connections quickly and find more deals in the data. 


This is a simple, intuitive extension of the idea behind Prospect & Nurture. To keep your network and information organized, wouldn’t it be handy to be able to see it all on a map? And then filter and cull and define data on that map?

The answer is yes, it is easier. This has been the feature that’s generated the most excitement among our prospects and customers (and their clients!), and it’s not hard to see why. Everyone loves maps. 


This feature is meant to simplify the process of call prep and research. When you sit down to call a prospect or client, you need to be interesting, relevant, and timely if you want to really get their attention.

With that in mind, we partnered with REscour to pull in news stories related to a contact’s properties. Without any extra work on your part, you get geo-targeted context from CRE sources such as Bisnow, Curbed, GlobeSt, and more—all on one screen alongside other information on that contact.

If you’re prospecting, you can use this information to start the conversation. If you’re just checking in, you can showcase your expertise by bringing relevant information on developments that affect your clients.


And of course, once you win new business, then comes the hard work of actually closing a deal. There are many steps to that process, of course, and varying workflows for specialty, asset type, etc. So after talking to brokers, we created a tool to help you organize and work through this process in a consistent fashion.

In other words, you can track, manage, and execute your deals from start to finish with a simple interface and intuitive workflow that drives every deal forward.

Deals is centered around the concept of a Kanban board, where you can see where every deal is at every stage, from prospect to negotiations to close. This helps you prioritize at a glance, and lets you select a deal to see your tasks and marketing activities so you can get to work right away. From there, move directly to call lists and turn prospects into offers, then start over with a ready-made playbook for the tasks you need to get the next deal done. 

A renewed commitment to customer experience

That’s the product in a nutshell. But as we’ve grown and gotten feedback from brokers, we’ve also learned a lot about how to support them more broadly. Although the tools now make your workflow more intuitive, we’ve also streamlined our onboarding process and enhanced our training resources to speed the time you see value from Apto.

After all, our customers estimate that using Apto helps them save nearly six hours a week—an average of 295 hours per year. They also report a 610% annual ROI from their purchase. We’re dedicated to helping you see those results as quickly as possible.

Get a demo and we’ll tell you how.