9 Things to Consider Before Closing an Office Space Deal


Thinking about leasing an office space now or in the near future? It is important to consider a number of things prior to closing the deal. Of course, any business owner or professional in need of office space will look at the size and price of a variety of offices, but there are a number of additional details and features that might get overlooked when deciding on new office space.

Let’s check out the following things to consider prior to closing an office space deal.

1. Location

Location is key when leasing office space. Does the neighborhood align with your brand? Are there public transportation options nearby for employees? Are there outside amenities such as restaurants, retail, fitness centers, dry cleaners etc.? All of these options will improve quality for clients and employees.

2. Security

Security is extremely important in giving clients and employees peace of mind. Does your future office space or building offer ample 24-hour security? Be sure to inquire about what safety protocols are in place.

3. Connectivity

In the hyperconnected era, having access to strong reliable cell and wi-fi service is incredibly important. Do a walk-through prior to closing to make sure there are no dead zones in your space. If the building doesn’t have a contract with a certain wifi company, give local providers a call and ensure they can provide a strong connection to that location.

4. Parking

Parking is an important factor you should consider prior to leasing any office. Make sure you, your employees and clients will be able to park without hassle. An additional bonus if the garage includes bike parking, smart car chargers, or a carwash.

5. Lease Specifics

Be sure to go over lease specifics including, lease length, penalties or fees for breaking the lease, who is responsible for repairs, common area maintenance, and any other clauses. If you need help, contact a real estate professional such as NAI Global’s team.

6. Room for Growth

Allow yourself some extra space if you plan to grow. You can also see if the building allows build-outs or customization of any kind. This will help you and your company prepare for future growth and avoid running into problems later.

7. Rights to Signage

It is important to make sure your business will have a strong presence in your new location. Most brands want to ensure they can advertise properly, so double check that your lease gives you a right to signage. Some buildings will allow exterior and/or interior signs. If not, make sure your company at least appears in the general directory.

8. Amenities

Make sure the building has proper amenities to suit your business’ needs. Is there a meeting area, green space, cafeteria, or any other amenities that your employees may need?

9. Your Brand’s Style

Lastly, keep in mind that the building and office’s appearance is parallel with your brand’s style. You want to be able to keep a cohesive brand image throughout your entire business.

Though leasing an office for the first time, or moving from your current space may seem daunting, be sure to keep these tips in mind for a smooth transition.