7 NAI Global Affiliate Blogs to Bookmark Today


Undoubtedly, we as a modern society love blogs. Enamored by quick, easy to absorb, entertaining and informative content— but let’s be honest, if you're currently reading this, we likely don't have to sell you on the value of the “blog.”

These Affiliates have some great blogs, that deserve a bookmark or two on your browser. So if you're a fan of NAI’s content, check out these blogs from NAI Offices today.

1. NAI Hiffman- https://www.hiffmanblog.com/

NAI Hiffman serves the Chicago area for all its leasing, management and investment sales rep needs. They specialize in industrial, office and retail brokerage. Their blog contains pertinent info regarding market research as well as company philanthropy and other informative content. Check out their recent interview with NAI Global’s Logistics Director, Adam Roth.

2. NAI NorCal- http://nainorcal.com/

NAI NorCal is committed to bringing technology bases commercial real estate services to the Bay Area and surrounding locations. In addition to professionalism in CRE they exhibit diversity and community involvement projects throughout the year. Being technology based also check out their Twitter feed @NAINorCal for direct blog link and other cool tidbits

3. NAI Horizon- http://naihorizonblog.com

NAI Horizon has represented Arizona for more than 23 years, making them one of the oldest offices in the NAI Global family. They have over 5,000 agents and provide relevant and original content about the local market, Arizona and general happenings in commercial real estate.

4. NAI Ohio Equities- https://www.ohioequities.com/wp/

NAI Ohio Equities’ blog is extremely easy to get lost in. With articles ranging from serious market numbers and analysis to trending fitness concepts, their blog has something for everyone whether you're in the CRE field or just browsing for a good read.

5. NAI Capital- https://blog.naicapital.com/

NAI Capital serves the Southern California area. They normally post weekly or biweekly with fresh, original content. Their most recent blog about how much a Thanksgiving dinner really costs in your state is a unique and satisfying read.

6. NAI Miami- www.naimiamiblog.com

NAI Miami’s blog is uniquely Miami. They mainly focus on local market trends and developments. Miami is currently expanding and developing rapidly and it can seem hard to keep up with the new construction popping up seemingly overnight. However, NAI Miami’s blog keeps you up to date in an interesting way.

7. NAI Sullivan- naisullivangroup.blogspot.com/

NAI Sullivan serves Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas. They provide incredible real estate services for all your commercial needs, and their blog isn't too shabby either. It’s fun to check out their monthly “top sales agent" posts to get to know their staff better.

Though NAI Global has a multitude of Affiliates comprising their worldwide firm, the few mentioned above are unique in many ways. Take some time to bookmark and explore their individual blogs next time you're browsing for new content!