6 Productivity Apps to Help Agents Amplify Their Business in 2019


Commercial real estate has long been considered one of the most competitive career paths you can choose. However, with new technology rapidly appearing, it’s easier than ever to increase your efficiency and productivity. The following 6 apps (linked below) will save you time and effort, allowing you to crush your competition and provide your clients with the latest tools for a streamlined experience.

So, set your New Year’s Resolution to close more deals in 2019 and beyond using these 6 apps.


No more hiking over to the printer, or your local office supply store to properly scan important documents. With Scannable, you can quickly turn paper documents into HD scans. The app recognizes, formats and digitizes a variety of documents. From contracts to business cards, Scannable will change your life.


Organization is key when it comes to efficiency. With Wunderlist you’ll never forget a task again. You can set tasks to complete, add alarms and reminders, collaborate with colleagues and organize tasks amongst all of your devices. Wunderlist integrates with email and web pages to make sure you stay on point, and the best part? It’s free.


CompStak is a holy grail for CRE professionals. It includes an extensive database of analyst-reviewed, anonymously submitted, commercial lease comps, sales comps and property details. CompStak experts quality check all comps from dealmakers for accuracy. With CompStak you can check comps on the go, and rest assured the information is legitimate.


Expensify makes expense report management and receipt tracking simple. It allows users to import expenses directly from a credit card, or by scanning a receipt. You can even track mileage and billable time. It is a true one-stop-shop for all your expense reimbursement and management needs.


Gone are the days of traveling to get contracts signed on time. DocuSign is an amazing, way to turn any document into a digitally signable legal document. You can easily delegate where a client needs to sign or initial and send it to them in a simple manner. With digital copies, it is incredibly easy to organize and save all agreements for future reference while saving agents a lot of time.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an incredible email-marketing tool for CRE professionals. It allows you to create fully customizable, electronic correspondences and newsletters. It has a user-friendly interface and contains premade templates for your convenience. Constant Contact also tracks data so you can see what works and what doesn’t. It’s like having a marketing team in your pocket.

As a commercial real estate agent, time can be one of your most valuable commodities. With these 6 apps, you can save precious time, so you can focus on amplifying your efficiency and creating ideal experiences for your clients and their needs. These apps are consistently being updated to stay at the peak of technical advances to meet your needs as you close more deals in 2019.