6 Most Asked For Office Amenities

The market for office space is competitive and complex. Potential tenants have requirements in mind for location, square footage, energy efficiency and other property features. A very visible and critical element is the amenities offered in a space. This has gained importance in the past decade, and is essential in any premium office space.

Upgrading amenity packages is an excellent way to add value to an office property. While just a few years ago amenity space made up just 3% of total square footage in the average office, it’s now recommended to dedicate 10-12% of the space to amenities. The investment pays off by creating a more vibrant and productive property that meets the expectations of tenants and stays occupied.

Today’s workforce is dominated by the millennial generation, which favors collaborative, social work space and wants to enjoy the time spent at work. This means providing comforts like gourmet coffee, healthy food, and comfortable places to interact. Adding some of the amenities below is guaranteed to increase the appeal of office space.

#1: Efficient Entry

Making the routine of entering work more streamlined improves the daily work experience. Aggravation is tiring, so reducing it can make everyone more productive. Fast, reliable elevators can be considered an important building amenity, as can efficient security and turnstile procedures. These set the tone for the day and are usually the day’s last experience at the workplace; they have a profound effect on job satisfaction.

#2: Convenient Food Options

Access to a range of healthy food options in the building is a highly desirable amenity. It helps employees to feel comfortable and often eliminates the need to leave the building for meals. Both of these contribute to productivity, and business owners recognize this.

#3: Common Space

The modern worker is not inclined to sit at a workstation all day, and research indicates that moving around through the day is much more healthy. A commonly requested amenity is space for relaxing and interacting. Rooftop decks are a very popular option, and they have the added benefit of letting people spend some time outside while they’re at work. Many workspaces include a comfortable lounge or even gaming rooms where employees can decompress.

#4: Fitness Centers

In keeping with the idea of providing everything needed during the day right at work, adding a fitness center helps employees to stay healthier and more productive. When it’s necessary to travel to a separate facility to exercise, many people don’t follow through.  A convenient place to exercise is a huge amenity for office workers.

#5: Alternative Commuting Options

With their preference for amenity-rich, urban office space, the millennials also appreciate having options when it comes to their commute. A walkable location, convenient to public transportation is ideal, and adding a bike room to the space is an easy way to accommodate another commuting option.

#6: Technology That’s up to Snuff

The number one amenity for most businesses –actually they might call it a necessity- is an adequate tech infrastructure. This means, above all, fast, reliable WiFi. Almost without exception, potential tenants will be heavy users of WiFi, and an unreliable system is a deal breaker. Another feature to consider is a distributed antenna system for mobile use. This ensures consistent coverage throughout the building, and eliminates dropped calls, which reduces stress, which improves productivity.

Amenities are all about making employees feel relaxed and at ease, because that’s what helps them to be their most creative and productive. It’s also important for retention of top staff. That’s why prospective tenants are looking for the amenities above, and why it’s worth the investment to upgrade.