4 Ways Automation Can Help Agents Up Their Game in the Future


Have you ever wondered why smartphones took off the way they did? Chances are good that you really haven’t given it much thought… but the chances are even better that you have one of these (now ubiquitous) devices within your reach. But the answer is simple: smartphones rolled all of the most essential everyday tools, such as GPS maps, your calendars, and your camera and phone into one easy access point -- that fits in the palm of your hand. And if society is so easily able to embrace this life-changing convenience, surely adopting other life-changing innovations would be just as simple, right?

It’s no secret that the commercial real estate industry is a traditional one, but it’s time that CRE professionals learn to embrace the automated solutions that only technology can provide. As early adopters have proven, automation helps CRE professionals spend less time on administrative tasks -- and more time delivering the type of customer service needed to win and keep clients.

Wondering just how that works? Read on to find out 4 ways automation can help agents up their game in the future.

1. Less time on data entry

Data entry - the very words can elicit a yawn if you’re not careful. Data entry is notoriously time-consuming, taking up valuable working time -- and, let’s face it, no one really likes it. In addition, manual data entry significantly increases the chances of errors. Utilizing automated services allows you to easily sync your data between existing email, calendars, or databases. Think about it: you’d no longer have to spend an hour or more every day updating your CRM program; instead, an automated CRM program can recognize that you’ve emailed a client, and then instantly record and add the contact to your database. Some artificial intelligence (AI) programs will even handle your scheduling for you.

2. Smarter and more efficient prospecting

The principle of quality versus quantity applies here -- you can mass prospect, or you can spend your time targeting the right prospects for your best ROI. Wondering how? Some automated services will pull data from multiple public records and sources to specifically identify those prospects who are most likely to buy or sell. Literally within minutes, you can have an enhanced, better prospect list that is significantly less likely to waste your time or efforts. Some programs will even let you build lists that can be exported into your marketing program.

3. Better and more accurate data

We love data as much as the next person, but commercial real estate is notorious for having numerous sources of data. A CRE professional used to spend hours poring over data and combining the right sources to find the perfect property for a client. Now, automation platforms allow you to pull information from multiple sources at once, allowing you to pinpoint just the properties your clients are looking for, with just a few simple search filters. The resulting data not only takes less time to generate and deliver -- it is also more accurate.

4. More time for clients

As any CRE professional can tell you, this industry is complicated. As such, agents should strive to make every minute they have with a client count, and truly educate them on various aspects of their transaction. Automated systems allow CRE agents to provide excellent and highly personalized service to their clients, making them feel valued and secure in their agent or broker’s advisory services.

Rest assured, the job of a CRE agent can never be fully replaced by an automated tool. Rather, automated systems allow you to remove the busy work from your daily schedule, allowing you to cultivate a better client experience from start to finish. In other words, automation is the secret weapon that can help you work smarter, not harder -- and who wouldn’t want that?