4 Productivity Apps for Real Estate Agents to Crush 2017


Real estate agents are always trying to maintain a competitive edge over the competition. These productivity apps will help you work more efficiently and easily, to close more deals. If you are looking to make a New Year's Resolution, or just make improvements in the way you are doing your business, here are 4 apps to help you make 2017 a great year for business:


Evernote lets you record your ideas and plans in many different ways. You can snap photos, take notes, scan documents, share messages with others, record audio clips and messages, and make presentations. It's a multi-platform app that makes sharing and collaborating with clients super easy. It's also a great collaboration tool when evaluating a property using multiple types of media and information.


Docusign is a great app for turning any document into a digitally signable document. Docusign takes your scanned file and allows you to designate where clients need to sign and initial, and sends it to them in the order you specify. It's also an easy way to keep a clean, signed copy of any contract or agreement that might need frequent updating or changes. DocuSign saves a lot of time for agents who are accustomed to traveling to get contracts signed in person or who deal with a lot of scanning.


Google makes some great free apps that are truly useful and Google Docs is one of many of their offerings.  Google Docs allows you to create a quick document, spreadsheet, or presentation, and share and collaborate with others to edit or view it. You can adjust privacy and editing settings, so people can only see or edit what you want them to see. It's especially useful when working on offers or evaluating potential investment properties with a client. You can also share any type of file with your clients easily.


This is a great app if you are working with a lot of clients who are creating a new office or business from an empty space. This app allows you to easily measure a space and set up different layout scenarios for your client to see in 3D.

As a commercial real estate agent, your time is valuable. Using these four apps can help you save valuable time off of the “business of doing real estate” so you can focus on your clients and their needs.

These are four productivity apps that will help you close more deals in 2017, and stay ahead of your client and other agents with the latest tools to get the job done.