4 Modern Ways to Update Your Traditional Lead Follow-Up Methods


You have spent tireless hours obtaining listings, you've pushed yourself to expand your marketing techniques and now leads are starting to come in. However, no matter how many new, fresh leads you've gotten, if you don’t effectively follow up and nurture these leads, the sale may never blossom. It is important to be effective in your approach to following up on leads to eventually secure and close a sale. You may be thinking to yourself “ But I have closed plenty of sales in the past!”

However, that being said, with the addition of new modern influences in technology, it is important to update your traditional lead follow up methods to take advantage and convert your leads to sales. So let’s take a look at a few ways to modernize your follow-up tactics.

Track Your Correspondences

Organization is key. It can help you keep track of who you contacted, when and how. It allows you to avoid coming on too strongly by contacting the same person too frequently. Additionally, you can utilize this organization to track your contact results to curate techniques moving forward. Your old way of organizing communications may have been via paper, or even through a spreadsheet. Now, CRM or customer relationship management tools can help you keep a detailed record of your correspondence efforts as well as analyze the results.

Use Multiple Communication Sources

All leads are different, some may prefer more traditional methods of communication such as postal mail or phone calls. However, do not let old habits hinder you from reaching out in new ways. With the recent influx of social media, that is a great way to reach out to leads, especially if they are coming in through these channels.

Spruce up a Stale-Lead via Text

Though texts may have been seen as an “unprofessional” contact method in the past, times have vastly changed. Texts are now one of the most prevalent forms of communication throughout many facets. If a hot lead reaches out to you via text, by all means, continue the conversation. If a lead seems like it is getting stale, or hasn't responded to a phone call, text may be a better option. You can individually send a message or use a text tool to send multiple, personalized emails to a customized list.

Be Persistent

Though this may not seem like a modern update to traditional lead follow-up methods, persistence is key more than ever. With an increasing number of electronic stimulations invading the population, studies show people are more easily distracted and forgetful. So, create a schedule. This will remind you to contact your leads and it will keep you in the minds of those you contact. Do this with such finesse so you are not pesky, but so that you are memorable.

Though there is a multitude of ways to follow-up with various leads, it is important to stay updated, relevant and modern with your methods. This will allow you to evolve with time and close more sales as you stay fresh and ahead of the competition.