Is Co-Working Popular Outside of the US?


By now, we all know about co-working. This new business module totally disrupted CRE’s office sector by reimagining the workspace. Co-working has ushered in a new era of professionalism, and it quickly expanded to become the country’s most popular office design scheme. 

When it first took roots in San Francisco during 2005, less than ten places adopted this setup. But as word spread, the number of co-working spaces around the country took a quantum leap - and the concept spread like wildfire. 

Today, it’s 2019 and there are over 5,000 coworking offices within the US. The number is expected to increase to upwards of 6,000 by 2022, demonstrating that this trend is truly dominating the American business realm. 

But, this is only in the US. Many reports are centered around this country alone, which leaves one to wonder - what about the rest of the world? What does coworking look like outside of the United States? Where else is it very popular, and where has it not yet caught on? 

Our expert team at NAI Global evaluated the latest stats to come up with this comprehensive report looking at co-working on a global platform. Here’s all that you need to know. 

U.S Companies Go Abroad

First things first, there is a large concentration of U.S-based companies who bring their coworking spaces to the international frontier. These companies take a step beyond the perks of domestic coworking spaces, in that they offer team members the opportunity to travel abroad. This further accentuates coworking’s beloved aspects of freedom, flexibility, and excitement. 

At the same time, it also stands to bring a physical example of this American-born trend to other parts of the world. Coworking abroad sets an example for other interested companies to follow, and that all comes from exposure. Companies like this are some of the key players that will help to attain the expected 5.1 million worldwide coworking members by 2022, as reported at the Global Coworking Unconference Conference.

Co-Working Providers Specialize in Spreading the Movement 

Coworking is a hot market right now, and there are many ways to benefit from this movement. Many companies have found immense success by providing coworking spaces to interested tenants. Take a look at IWG, the International Workspace Group, who has more than 3,000 active spaces around the world. Another major player is WeWork, with 10,000,000+ s.f. in over 27 countries. This shows how active coworking companies are helping to bring this trend all over the world.

Top Co-Working Locations 

The coworking phenomenon is steadily gaining worldwide precedence, according to a survey conducted by According to this study, the continent of Europe holds the highest concentration of co-working spaces in the world - even topping North America. Coming in third is Asia. 

When looking at countries with coworking offices, the study shows that the United States stands as first. Following up is Germany, Spain, UK, Japan, France, and Brazil.  

As we can see, coworking is primarily a Western trend. However, it’s expected to gain momentum around the world. What do you expect out of coworking for 2019 and beyond? To learn more about CRE and it’s sectors, explore our blog

Getting Data from Buildings: 4 Ways Tech Changes the Game


Implementing tech into CRE’s multifamily sector has stood as a major transformation point for the industry. Although this facet of commercial reality has been one of the slowest to adopt new technologies, it has finally begun to engage in the perks of today’s digital tools - and the benefits are astounding. 

Tech is helping improve multifamily assets in every dimension, from management to maintenance. Big data, IoT, and other contemporary technologies are quickly revolutionizing CRE’s multifamily sector; helping building managers and investors to better care for these large properties. 

Here are 4 ways that today’s hottest technologies are changing the game for the multifamily industry. 

Insight into Maintenance

Data is everywhere. In the case of multifamily buildings, this data acts as the key to improvements in the future. With the use of IoT smart sensors, this information can be collected and evaluated to reference later on down the line. 

When an IoT smart sensor is connected to a building, anything wrong will be detected almost instantly. Most big problems start small, and finding out about it early is the best way to save time, stress, and money. Tech sensors allow the problem to be caught before it escalates. This intuitive system also hones in on the specific area, meaning less time wasted looking for the source.  

The Power of Intuitive Repairs 

In multifamily buildings, frequent repairs are necessary in order to keep everything running smoothly. Since commercial assets regularly hold large numbers of tenants, occupancy is an important factor to monitor. 

However, it’s something that is difficult to track without technology. With the help of IoT sensors, foot traffic within a specific area can be monitored. This helps building managers learn the places that are most popular with residents so that upgrades and renovations can be made in the most valuable locations. 

Access to Temporary E-Keys 

When working in a large building, walking around can quickly become a huge waste of time. A common pain point felt by nearly all building employees is the time spent going from office to unit in order to retrieve the keys. This makes accessing a unit for repairs or inspections very time consuming, which strongly reduces productivity rates. 

As always, tech has the answer. Smart locks have the power to automatically generate an electronic key that only provides access for a set amount of time. This way, team members can quickly and effortlessly enter units, do the required work, and have the e-key expire - offering tenants more security.

Automated Security Systems 

Safety is the number one motivator to implement smart technologies into living spaces. Today’s automated security systems are more effective than ever before, and also easier to use. IoT-powered smart systems are cloud-based, so there is no need for a complex and costly setup. These systems monitor the premises full time, so there is no need to worry about anything going undetected. When it comes to safety, smart systems reign supreme. 

How has technology improved your multifamily experience? To explore more ways that tech and big data are revolutionizing CRE, check out our blog

NAI Global Welcomes NAI Madison in South-Central Wisconsin

NAI Global Welcomes NAI Madison in South-Central Wisconsin

NAI Business Director Daniel T. Holvick announced today that NAI Madison is a newly formed brokerage entity affiliated with NAI Global and will provide comprehensive commercial real estate services to businesses in the state capital of Madison and all of Dane County from its office in Middleton. Dane County is the second-largest county in Wisconsin and is the third-highest-income location in Wisconsin by capital income, as well as home to the University of Wisconsin, Madison. 

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SIOR DC Recap: Spring 2019 World Conference in the Nation’s Capital

SIOR DC Recap: Spring 2019 World Conference in the Nation’s Capital

Arlington House, which sits on a hill overlooking Arlington National Cemetery, offers views of the cemetery, the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, the Potomac River and White House. A tour before the SIOR Spring World Conference is a humbling and inspiring way to kick off any conference in the Nation’s Capital.

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NAI Global Announces New Middle East Presence with Offices in Jeddah, Riyadh (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and Dubai (UAE)

NAI Global Announces New Middle East Presence with Offices in Jeddah, Riyadh (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and Dubai (UAE)

FRICS, SIOR, and President & CEO of NAI Global, a leading global commercial real estate brokerage firm, today announced the opening of operations in the Middle East. NAI Saudi Arabia and NAI UAE provide strategic advisory and property-related consulting services to private and institutional investors, developers, financiers, owners and occupiers throughout the Middle East from its offices in the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Jeddah and Riyadh).

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5 Twitter Trends We're Watching for 2019 (and the NAI Global Affiliates Crushing It)

In our increasingly digitized world, the Internet has an unprecedented place in any business endeavor. NAI Global knows how important a strong social media presence is in helping our affiliates expand their business.

While the NAI team is dominating the CRE industry, NAI Global offices are also setting up this year’s hottest trends on Twitter. Follow their example to get in on the best engaging practices and tricks to gain more followers in 2019.

Daily Hashtags by NAI Elite

There’s no reason why every day can’t be something to celebrate. Everyone can learn a thing or two from NAI Elite’s unbeatable hashtag game, which acts as a trendsetter in and of itself. NAI Elite creatively comes up with a catchy hashtag for the different days of the week and posts relevant content under that introduction.

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 6.38.58 AM.png

This is playful, attractive, and really engages with followers. Whether it’s #MultifamilyMonday, #DealOfTheDay, or #RetailTuesday; followers are crazy about this trend.

Team Highlights by NAI Hanson

Based out of New Jersey, this office knows how to show off their team members and accomplishments. Anytime something notable happens - be it a new listing, new team member, a closed deal, or a press highlight - NAI Hanson is documenting it.

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 6.41.32 AM.png

This is a great way to engage with the local audience and show them all the latest achievements. A grounded support system is the best way to gain repute in 2019.

News Alerts by NAI Capital

Urgency always calls attention, and NAI Capital knows exactly how to gain this appeal. Sharing news and stats can easily be boring and end up getting scrolled past, so what’s the best way to make it pop? The answer is by translating it into the language of the Internet - emojis.

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 6.43.21 AM.png

NAI Capital uses fitting emojis and capitalized text to jump out at the reader, enticing them to explore the relevant CRE newsbreak. Follow their example to stand out and be heard.

Introducing Yourself by NAI Columbia

This South Carolina team knows a big secret about business-based social media - it needs to go beyond the industry. Although online audiences follow accounts to get the low-down on everything CRE, there needs to be some sort of friendliness involved. Show off amazing members with introductions and personal sharings that create a deeper connection with followers.

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 6.44.48 AM.png

The NAI Columbia team kills it by sending warm wishes during the holidays, documenting team celebrations, and posting about valued members. 2019 is looking for more personable engagement and less cut-and-dry interactions.

Community Outreach by NAI Puget Sound Properties

There’s no better way to boost local following than by giving back to the community. The CRE business is strongly rooted in its local atmosphere, and it’s important to give back to what is fueling a team’s success. NAI PSP is consistently broadcasting their fundraisers and charity projects, which can attract potential donations as well as show the community how much their business cares.

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 6.47.36 AM.png

Toy drives, bake sales, and food collections are all everyday occurrences at NAI PSP - and they’ve made sure everyone knows it.

Use these tips to boost your Twitter account this 2019. For more about how NAI Global’s rockstar offices use social media, click here.

Amazon Looks to Airports for Next Move: Here's 3 Reasons Why

Amazon Looks to Airports for Next Move: Here's 3 Reasons Why

This global enterprise is continuing to take the retail world by storm with their latest venture. With the opening of their first brick and mortar locations, Amazon has been looking for new venues to host their state-of-the-art AmazonGo stores. These cashier-less stores are providing the world’s most advanced shopping experience, with no lines or physical checkouts.

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4 Ways CRE is Finally Paying Attention to Co-Working

4 Ways CRE is Finally Paying Attention to Co-Working

2018 was the year that the CRE world finally starting paying serious attention to co-working. With CRE moving into the flexible workspace industry, it continues to influence the way co-working office spaces operate. CRE’s redesigning of the business model can be observed on all fronts, especially negotiations and agreements. Get an insider's view by looking at these 3 major ways CRE is moving into co-working.

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